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Types of marketing a specialist SEO company in Australia should know about

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We continue breaking false expectations and surely there are still within the types of marketing a SEO company in Australia should know about. We really take advantage of playing this part because for us it is important to know the full extent of the subject.

When talking about marketing and its derivatives, we should highlight the types of marketing. This will make the duties of a specialised SEO company in Australia easier to understand.

MLK Marketing is the main option for a business that requires the experience and effectiveness of a professional SEO company in Australia.

Direct marketing

First of all, this one is quite simple to understand. Have you ever received a call from a company to offer a product or a cell phone company to offer their services or ask if you are satisfied with their promotions? Well, exactly that is direct marketing. It is a strategy that is not as effective nowadays and for that reason a SEO company in Australia would not use it.

Indirect Marketing

Once we heard that indirect marketing is when you want to sell a product disguised as another. But no! This type is used by brands or companies to show a product in an almost invisible way, but it serves to generate a reaction in the consumer’s subconscious. For example, when we see an actor in a movie taking a bottle of Coca-Cola and saying how refreshing it is. A specialised SEO company in Australia understands this.

Social Marketing

No, it’s not about selling a certain product to a large community. In fact, as we said before, marketing is not really about selling. This is used by companies to sponsor major events, movies, series, social work. And, in that way, the brand is also known without being invasive. Communities are an aspect always considered by a specialised SEO company in Australia.

This type of marketing is widely practiced by the Nike brand, which sponsors sporting events and athletic players.


Also known as internal marketing, they are a series of actions and strategies that are created to incentivize workers and increase their sense of belonging.

Viral Marketing

It is low budget, but has a good impact on the market. It is responsible, in some way, for exploiting social networks in order to make the brand even more known. It is not the best option for a professional SEO company in Australia.

Digital marketing

Perhaps in this the people do manage to deduce its meaning easily, because yes, it is exactly the same marketing but having as its main channel the digital medium. It is currently the most used and with the greatest scale of success. This is the pillar of any SEO company in Australia.

Content Marketing

If you think it’s about selling items or information, you’re still wrong. This is born of the importance and need of customers to receive quality content and that serves to educate them on a specific topic. It has also become one of the main techniques employed by companies and people who want to venture into this world. In fact, content full of value and educational information, brings greater credibility and success. For these reasons, a SEO company in Australia should specialise in this.

Personal Marketing

It is nothing more than all those techniques that serve to create our personal image. We can use it when we are opening a personal blog or we want to generate content on social networks. This method is currently used by the so-called “influencer”. However, the digital strategy a SEO company in Australia could develop goes way further than one person’s influence.

In this type of marketing it is necessary to be a little careful and know how to choose the approach, value and characteristics that we want to give our personal brand. Remember that this will be decisive to achieve the objectives and attract the public.

It is also necessary to interact with the public and communicate through our promotions our benefits and what kind of products we offer. Finally, and very important, we have to constantly monitor the validity of this structure to analyze if it is giving the expected results.

With targeted marketing done by a SEO company in Australia, it is not necessary to look for an influencer to build brand loyalty or spread the word about your products.

A bit more about digital marketing performed by a SEO company in Australia

In addition to all this that has been said so far, marketing also promotes the exchange of valuable products or services, or that is what an excellent SEO company in Australia would do. For example, when the seller of a company offers a tangible product or a specialised professional offers a medical service, or a restaurant offers its food and attention to someone who needs it or wants it, the other person to obtain these products or services gives something of value (money, in this case). So, what you have is an exchange process and this is what marketing constantly promotes. And this is something understood by any good SEO company in Australia.

Marketing Objectives

In order to be a little more specific on this topic, it is convenient to present some of the objectives set in marketing. Some of the ones managed by any professional SEO company in Australia are:

  • Increasing sales and catch customers.
  • Increasing the company’s eye, products and services.
  • Managing a brand better.
  • Creating a better relationship with customers and suppliers.
  • Educate the market.
  • Captivating employees.

The goal of marketing carried out by a SEO company in Australia is to know and understand the consumer so well that the product or service suits him like a glove and can sell itself.

Select the services of MLK Marketing your excellent SEO company in Australia. If you want to rank higher and drive more sales to your business, do not hesitate to contact us. We are your allies in this process.


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