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Chances are that if you are browsing our website,
you’re one of the thousand companies we have catapulted to success.
With us, we will show you how to triple your sales and obtain an UNLIMITED funnel of leads.
Statistically 95.4% of your visitors come to your website…
… only to leave

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Ranking higher in search engines is meaningless if you are sending visitors to a website or landing page which doesn’t convert them into leads and sales!

MLK Marketing have honed their skills over the years and have built technological infrastructure that works closely with Google to get the most from your niche.

Top companies and brands trust us with their time and efforts because our methods of online direct-response marketing work.

We judge the success of our relationship with you on how much profit and value we bring to your business. Face your marketing with one attitude – NEVER, NEVER will your ranking be less that what it should be!

Having an unfair advantage
is PIVOTAL to success

We are more powerful beyond measure when it comes to SEO and we prove this every single day, as we dominate Google rankings for our clients. The complexity of any SEO campaign depends on the level of competition. Like going into battle; we meticulously assess the terrain, size up your competitors and put together a strategy that is powerful and will bring the results you are looking for.

By compressing decades of marketing into days, we have assisted and ran thousands of tests for our clients and invested over 50,000 hours in studying the science behind sales conversion. We see patterns, we have knowledge and we use these techniques to boost our sales and in turn show you how you can follow this path. We liaise with you to identify your target buyers coupled with buying psychology to extract maximum results from your market. Our genius staff of direct-response copywriting and world-class design personnel make as many of your website’s visitors take the desired action to boost your sales.

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In the fiercely competitive world of business, where everyone is CONSTANTLY vying for a larger piece of the pie, Conversion Rate Optimisation is the single most important tactic for maximising the return from your online marketing.

Tripling your conversion rate alone, will triple the amount of leads and sales your business gets. In today’s day and age your website is your weapon!

These results affect every aspect of your business and have a profound effect on your sales.

If your website converts more browsers into buyers than any of your competitors sites, you can also afford to attract more traffic than anyone else in your market – allowing you to get a hold of market share and stay ahead of the competition.




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    The team at MLK have been fantastic! They have a lot of knowledge and great systems in place. Sam was fun to deal with and really made me see my business from a different aspect. Sandra has also been fantastic to consult with and is super motivated and efficient.

    Michael Wilkop

    As a major importer and distributor of fire rated specialised building products we had been established for some 4 years and in 2016 commissioned MLK marketing to redesign our promotional
    Platform to better reach the markets we were targeting.
    They designed a new web site in a short space of time and were quickly able to grasp the relative complexities of the Fire industry and our products. The new site increased to companies business by 100 % over the following 2 year period
    They have close working team of qualified capability and designed further Edm marketing probes via email
    If you are considering a new web site or re constituting what you have their advice and performance will prove invaluable

    Peter W Jones

    Director at Fire Combat Australia PL

    Working with MLK on our journey has been great, the marketing plan they developed with us has been an integral part in increasing the number of contacts made by customers, and boosting our overall sales. The team are always friendly and genuine to work with, keep up the great work MLK.

    Herman Agdag

    Trailer Supplies

    How many times do you hear people say “if I knew then, what I know now, I would have never started”!Well that applies to me and my website.

    My website, ‘My Ideal Wedding’, is now a few years old and I have had various companies helping me with the site over that time.

    Until I partnered with MLK the website was not going anywhere. Since teaming up with MLK I have gained a confidence that ‘My Ideal Wedding’ can and will be successful. The team at MLK have been able to analyse the business and suggest how we can turn the business around.

    It is a pleasure to work with a group of professionals who work together to drive a common goal. I look forward to our ongoing partnership and mutual success.

    Craig Doherty

    My Ideal Wedding

    From concept design to launching Tigress, MLK has been an invaluable addition to my business. I was generating sales in just my first month thanks to getting my brand and message out there online. My rankings increased dramatically and I could not be happier with my results! These guys are the real deal and they don’t treat you like you are just a number – they actually care whilst guiding and educating me on the process as my journey continues.

    MLK has single handedly given my business the opportunity to exist and be known on the noisy internet and I am so grateful I chose them!


    Director at Tigress Beauty