SEO for Website in Melbourne

SEO for Website in Melbourne

Welcome to MLK Marketing, home of innovation, realm of possibility and jungle of technological advancements. Here at MLK Marketing we are the pioneering of seo companies Melbourne and have been labelled the finest and utmost respected online marketing agency Australia for over 10 years and counting.

Adroitness, creativity and professionalism are the core values and traits here at MLK Marketing. With the expanding and ever changing technological methodologies available today, the need for information technology professionals significantly increased. The majority of end-users perceive this evolution in the form of changes and updates to software and networked applications that they are already familiar with, or with the arrival of entirely new applications that change the way they communicate, operate business or even entertain themselves.

Since 2006, MLK Marketing have stabilised themselves as the leading and utmost professional seo companies in Melbourne; whilst providing clients with high ROI and amazing exposure in the digital realm. We have taken client relationships seriously by delivering industry leading services for every need and requirement. Our uniquely skilled teams provide second to none solutions to clients and offer innovative ideas to advance the way they utilise these global tools.

“Each chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. This is what we stand by and thrive in the marketing industry here at MLK Marketing.


Reap the benefits of boosting your sales with fully optimised and secure landing pages that correlate to an exceptionally managed SEO campaign. When your potential client is searching for your product make sure they buy from you. That is our job here at MLK Marketing and we have assisted in more than 1 billion dollars in sales, as well as helping kick-start new start-ups that eradicate competition. Call us, today!