The 3 SEO Blackburn techniques that we use for the web positioning of a blog

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These techniques for positioning (or SEO) in Google, since it is the dominant search engine and practically a monopoly. With specialised SEO in Blackburn it is possible to position good content among the first results.

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Before each post, we follow the next 3 steps to take care of the SEO of the content and, despite what it may seem, it is a process that normally does not take more than 5 or 10 minutes.

  1. Focussing on the theme and identifying keywords

Once the idea for the post begins to be more or less mature, it’s time to find the keywords that describe what the content of the post in question is about.

With our specialised SEO in Blackburn we always try that the selection of the keywords follows the following guidelines:

  • That are “powerful”: Keywords that describe the issue well, but that nobody uses to search, do not interest. This is essential during our SEO Blackburn process.
  • Let them be natural: You should not take the above to absurd extremes that make the content (especially the title) “weird”, but simply try a little to find the right words.
  • They are consistent in the niches: It makes no sense to give each post with the lame-words if in each post you touch a different niche. So, you will never position yourself in any. It’s about focusing and mashing the thematic niches in which you want to position yourself. And that means mashing your main keywords. We always keep this in mind when providing specialised SEO in Blackburn.

The Google AdWords keyword tool is very useful for filtering your keywords and detecting other interesting words. It is vital to correctly configure the search scope (languages ​​and countries) to obtain valid results.

A piece of advice:

  • It’s necessary for professional SEO in Blackburn to spend some time periodically identifying keywords in your niche (s) for which you want to position yourself. Make a list with them, for example, in an Excel.
  • A good collection of keywords for your niche will help you a lot to make things “flow” when you have to find the right keywords for a post, it will promote consistency in the keywords of your content and with it also It will help a lot to position you well.
  1. Filtering with a keyword tool

Typically, we have a lot more keywords than we can use in the following phases. You can use 3 or 4 maximum and yet many times we have more than 10 candidates. So, it’s time to filter and discard in order to achieve maximum SEO in Blackburn.

For this it’s used a magic tool that is the AdWords Keyword Tool.

What we do is seeing with this tool how many searches these keywords receive and their most relevant combinations. Also, tested with a synonym to see if we get more searches, etc.

But once we realise how important it is to position yourself in the niches that interest you, it’s important to make the decision to make the leap to the next level and since then the best tools are necessary for top SEO in Blackburn.

You can do things like, for example, go to a website of your competition and find out what are the keywords in which they have tried to position them, in what positions they are, etc. Only this is an incredible shortcut to find good keywords and justifies spending some money on this.

A piece of advice:

  • By default, the Google tool searches in all languages ​​when it is most convenient for you to search backwards: in all countries. Remember to change this to see the metrics with this setting that is the one that really interests you.
  • On the other hand, this sometimes identifies good keywords that had not fallen and / or even detected new interesting niches. In this post he was putting SEO dry as the tool suggested “SEO in Blackburn positioning”. Web positioning is very important and powerful.
  1. Design the title

In the title of this step we have put “design” and not “write” very consciously for two reasons:

Because the title is the most important part of your entire post to place the keywords that you have identified before (although with Google you never know …). Therefore, we must really strive to “design” the title to get the most out of the keywords.

An important step of SEO in Blackburn is to hardly devote effort to the titles. So, using the word “design” somehow highlights that this is something important. You should not settle for the first title that suits you, and not only for SEO, but also because with the title you play it to be read or not.

The most important SEO principles that we follow when designing a title (although not always) are the following:

  • Write titles that call attention to the target reader using copywriting techniques.
  • Try to place at least three or four of the keywords.
  • Ensure that words are as early as possible.
  • Ensure that the title is as “efficient” as possible. This does not necessarily mean short, but to minimise the words that do not add value at SEO level or copywriting level.
  • See if it is possible to use some of the magic words and / or emotional factors of copywriting.

All these SEO principles are part of our specialised techniques for SEO in Blackburn. Necessary for professional positioning in the top of any search engine results list.

Understanding the context with these brief definitions, let’s focus on the Conversion Rate and to achieve this to the optimal point an efficient SEO in Blackburn is needed. Remember that at MLK Marketing you will find skilful professionals ready to create a suitable marketing strategy for your business. Contact us today for more information.

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