7 essential points of web design in Monee Ponds that optimise user experience

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There are many factors that you have to take into account to improve your website, so we have made a selection of some of the most important. That way you will know where you are interested in starting work. These are some of the points that are essential for our specialised web design in Monee Ponds.

Remember that if you want to improve your website you can contact us today at MLK Marketing, we will be ready to assist you.

  1. The design and texts of your website

It is very important, because the first sensations come through sight, through web design. The priority is efficiency, so do not blind yourself by adding elements. These are the most relevant:

  • Colour: use it with moderation. The impression has to be balanced. That responds to your brand image but without saturating it. That is an essential aspect you select our professional web design in Monee Ponds.
  • Source: make it readable. It may seem obvious but, believe us, it is not so.
  • Format: the different sizes of titles help to differentiate the hierarchies visually, so it is easier for your client to remain focused and without getting lost.
  • The empty space helps you: leaving gaps between the different elements helps identify and group them visually. Something that we take special care of providing web design in Monee Ponds.
  • Avoid distractions: overloading your website does not help. If you fill it with attention calls it will have the opposite effect.
  • Use copywriting: persuasive writing is essential to guide the user in a pleasant way, appealing to their emotions and interests. It also helps direct traffic to the pages that interest us most.
  • Simplify the language: use simple and easily understood words, in addition to short phrases. We keep it simple when we offer web design in Monee Ponds.
  • Brief info: messages, synthetic and to the point. The user does not have time to get complicated with long or difficult texts.

There are many elements to consider. The key is to harmonise them all so that our user enjoys browsing the page.

  1. Well-defined web architecture: hierarchises the structure well

Working the web architecture of your website is essential so that the user does not get lost and so that Google finds it easy to navigate through it. With specialised web design in Monee Ponds you can consistently improve the impact your website has in you customers.

Before the web goes to design, think about how many pages there will be or how you will make the user reach them. People have to be able to move around your website in an intuitive and simple way, following a logical path to the point where you want to go (without having to go around and around menus and submenus).

And all that supported by a menu that facilitates the constant access to the main parts of the web.

  1. That your website is (really) responsive

By now you will know that your page should be responsive, but is it really?

Check how your page behaves in different sizes (there are now phones and tablets with screens of many different sizes) because the user experience can change a lot. For example, in the mobile version it is advisable to eliminate pop-ups (Google does not like them either) because they make navigation very difficult. We understand this and pay attention to web design in Monee Ponds.

  1. Speed ​​is a value (and of those who count a lot)

It is said that the maximum waiting time that a user tolerates is 5 seconds. From there, if the web does not load, it gets bored and leaves.

Look to what extent it is decisive that Amazon estimates that for every tenth of a second that increases the speed of its website, its revenues decrease by 1%, so a delay of only one second would mean losses of about 1.6 billion dollars per year.

The loading speed is, therefore, one of the variables that you have to check. With professional web design in Monee Ponds you can make sure loading speed is as minimum as possible.

  1. Check for errors

There are failures that the user does not forgive:

  • Repeated actions
  • Clicks that do not lead to the place they advertise.
  • Dead links, which when you click takes you to … Error 404. Not found.

These types of failures increase the bounce rate while decreasing page time, so it is important that you regularly check that everything on your page works perfectly. We make sure through web design in Monee Ponds that you website is up to your standards.

  1. Identify your users to personalise their experience

Use the information provided by cookies to display messages depending on the profile of your user. That is, a regular customer (who is already loyal) is not the same as another who arrives for the first time.

Do not tire your user with messages that make no sense. Why repeat if you want to subscribe to your newsletter if it is already subscribed? Save what doesn’t interest you. We provide you with proper advice along with excellent web design in Monee Ponds.

  1. Extra: do not cross your arms now, check the user experience of your website or let experts in web design in Monee Ponds do it

There are very useful test processes to experience what works best within your page. The two most used are these:

A survey: the simplest. A quick questionnaire can give you many clues as to what the user likes and doesn’t like. Never get tired of asking.

A / B test: it presents two versions of the web (or some of its elements), divides the traffic and checks which one generates more conversions.

The important thing is that you do not think that everything is done: measure and improve, measure and improve. And always like that.

Here at MLK Marketing we offer you second to none digital marketing services to boost your sales and it also includes web design in Monee Ponds.

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