Good web design in Heidelberg West brings more profitability to your business

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Compared to other means through which you can advertise, a website offers the best cost-benefit ratio you can find. It is essential that you invest in a good web design in Heidelberg West, because depending on the magnitude of the project it is likely that you will not have many more expenses than that in a good time (despite the necessary content updates, web design can be quite timeless).

If we take into account the large number of users and access tools, security, speed and low prices of the network connection, the Internet is a very profitable advertising tool.

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A good web design allows greater control and analysis of results

If your design works, your page will receive user traffic that you can easily analyse through some applications such as Google Analytics. This function allows you to define a profile of your visitors’ behaviour that can be very useful as a marketing tool, because you will know how many of them translate into sales or what type of content interests them most. With professional web design in Heidelberg West this is completely possible.

In the same way, if you want to expand your market you will know what type of user shows more disinterest and you can change your strategy to try to seduce it.

Ratings and coverage

One of the most common methods for creating social evidence on ecommerce websites is the use of product ratings and testimonials. This could be in the form of star ratings, customer quotes or ratings collected from other websites.

The overall goal is to build trust with the customer by showing how many people have trusted the product or brand in the past. You can also dwell press coverage and awards received. They are similar, in some way, to product ratings, but they simply come from a source with more authority, generating much more credibility. With efficient web design in Heidelberg West you can completely improve your business’s digital image and position ahead of the curve.

User generated content

In addition to ratings and coverage, incorporating other forms of user-generated content can be very effective in creating social evidence. This may include personal anecdotes or visual elements of clients that are presented in a blog or a dedicated section of the website. You can also include social media content contributed by consumers, such as brand mentions on Twitter or YouTube. But also, web design in Heidelberg West is necessary to ensure your products and services will receive the right amount of exposure.

One of the best forms of user-generated content includes photos uploaded by customers of themselves with branded products published on Facebook or Instagram. Including this type of content in web pages of related products can generate a strong social proof context while someone evaluates a product.

SEO is also part of the methods for excellent web design in Heidelberg West

Compose content and subtitles

It is good to have the title before content because it is much easier to achieve the expectations you have created with it.

If you write the title last of all, everything becomes much more difficult and artificial because you have to accommodate the title to the contents when it should be the other way around and remember: you play the reading of your post by 80% with the title. This is a very important part of our strategies when it comes to web design in Heidelberg West.

In the content it is good to follow the classic structure of the “three acts”. Applied to a post would be the introduction, development of the theme of the post and the conclusion.

It is obvious that in the introduction it is very convenient that you focus the reader’s expectations well, which normally goes hand in hand with using the keywords with special intensity in this part.

In the rest of the content you should systematically repeat the keywords. The consensus is usually seen that a density of 1 to 100 (a keyword or combination of keywords per 100 normal) is a good relationship. Nor should it be passed, from more or less 3 or 4 keywords per 100 you enter the red zone in which Google can interpret that there is an excess that responds to an attempt to manipulate and may occur that apply the consequent penalties.

URL and “alt” tags of images

The last step is already very simple, it is simply to create the URL by hand, that is, not to use the URL that WordPress automatically generates, but to edit it by hand for which you must be logically using the WordPress permalinks or the platform you use.

We use one of the best practices: compose the URL of the keywords in the post, separated by hyphens. You can easily see it in all our URLs. This is part of our practises as the most efficient providers of web design in Heidelberg West.

According to Google, it should be no more than 4 or 5 keywords, which seems logical because it makes little sense to think of a post with 10 keywords. It does not make sense such a dispersed content on different fronts.

An additional little trick we use is to take advantage of the “alt” tags of the images (“alternative text” field in the WordPress image editing window). Google takes them into account for searches (especially for image searches, of course) and, therefore, we also take advantage of these tags to “cast” keywords when it is consistent (that is, when it comes to the image in question).

Here at MLK Marketing we will define the most suitable strategy to ensure your goals are achieved and conversion rates skyrocket by driving more traffic to your website, traffic that is truly interested in the products and services you offer. All this through optimised web design in Heidelberg West.

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