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Evolution of Marketing concepts over the years. How did we adapt as a professional SEO company in Australia?

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If we ask five people what marketing means to them, we would surely receive five different perceptions, but we don’t blame them, it is almost impossible to understand marketing and the role of a SEO company in Australia if you do not have contact with it. Over the years, different concepts on the subject have been handled. Maybe that’s why people believe it has the same meaning of advertising.

We repeat, they are not to blame. We find it very interesting to talk about the evolution of this terminology to understand it a little more and highlight its importance. And also talking about how it has become the ones a SEO company in Australia offers.

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According to some experts, it follows that marketing emerged long before this year, but it was in 1950 when it began to be treated a little more formally. Thanks to Peter Drucker, who coined marketing in his theory entitled “Management Practice”, the first advances for the dissemination of marketing were achieved. This decade it all started for what would be nowadays the pillars of any SEO company in Australia.

According to him, it was a force to increase sales through methods that served to captivate the consumer. From here, businessmen and administrators became even more interested in the subject. Nowadays, not in such a simple way, marketing strategies created by SEO company in Australia can also do this.


Specifically, in 1967, the American, economist and marketing specialist, Philip Kotler (whom we mentioned earlier), presented his thesis on “Marketing Administration”, where he explained this strategy and its importance. With knowledge that any SEO company in Australia should handle.

From that moment a wave of articles and research on the subject were published. Those strategies dictated by this character, began to be studied with more precision and the companies began to use these techniques for their internal strengthening. Kotler has been one of the authors who has best achieved the real concept of marketing and, whose definition, has remained until today. He says that “” … is a social process where people acquire something they want, through the […] negotiation of products and service […] “. Even this early, content was an essential part of any marketing plan, and that is something still present in the plans created by an effective SEO company in Australia.

The Beatles and Marketing: the formula for success

An excellent example of successful marketing in this decade? The Beatles. Defining one in particular is impossible because the Beatles was a band capable of moving masses by their way of acting and treating their fans. Something that can teach a SEO company in Australia a lot of things.

Something that stood out in them was their unique and overwhelming style. And, definitely when they decided to change that “Rocker” look to the look with bangs, they managed to conquer many, thanks to the tranquility and kindness they managed to convey. So, a SEO company in Australia needs to take care of appearance in all the content.

But the formula for the success of the Beatles was not simply the style or excellent handling of their careers, they through their personality managed to shout to the world who they were and what they were able to achieve.

What lessons did the Beatles leave us in marketing management that can also be used by a SEO company in Australia?

Breaking down the personality and the “The Beatles” project that these attractive guys executed, we can learn what is necessary to know some content marketing strategies that you can develop in the projection of your brand. Engagement is essential for any business and that is something an excellent SEO company in Australia always understands.


By this time, marketing techniques became imperative within companies or brands, and they are still valid in SEO company in Australia. In fact, renowned companies created internal offices where they worked attached to the advertising agencies of Madison Avenue (avenue in the Manhattan neighborhood). By telling them that, from governments, such as civil and religious organisations also began to include marketing strategies.

By the way! One of the important advances at this time was the change of “selling at any price” and replaced by a more humanised idea of ​​ “satisfying the customer as the first option”


At that time, the great marketing specialists, increased the dissemination of theories with widely scientific endorsements, but understandable so that the population could understand, where they reinforced the importance of ensuring the satisfaction of desires and how sales increased thanks to this. Because of this, companies of all sizes that had not yet included this system began to distress and increase the inclusion process. An Australia SEO company is the leading choice nowadays for excellent marketing strategies.


The arrival of technology definitely generated a major change within this area. Marketing created Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which is the administration focused on consumer satisfaction. This is an aspect that an excellent SEO company in Australia also takes into account.

The system was strengthened due to new communication channels and the reach was greater. The personalisation of the brand was also implemented and the focus on society continued.


The beginning of a new era brought with it the innovation of cell phones, the internet, social networks and electronic commerce. All these new tools allowed to reinforce the ways of marketing and facilitated the distribution of products and services. It is important to highlight that, by this time, the marketing concept that was being managed is the same until today. There were no major modifications. Until this day, a SEO company in Australia still takes into account constant innovation as an essential part of any marketing practise.


Finally, the digital transformation arrives and the system takes as a priority how the consumer receives the product and how it accepts the company’s objective. Also, marketing strategies focused on making people include the brand in their day to day.

MLK Marketing is the best option in this era when it comes to SEO company in Australia.

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