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This is how digital marketers in Australia do it: 7 keys to writing irresistible texts

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Writing an offer, developing a sales letter or writing a landing page seller, are essential actions to make our digital strategy 100% effective. But it is not always easy to write a text with everything mentioned and reach the heart of our target audience. Writing content in a professional way is part of digital marketers’ duties.

With MLK Marketing on your side, you will always have the assistance of specialised digital marketers in Australia, and you will easily achieve the goal of having completely original, engaging and useful content to offer to your potential clients.

Keys to create compelling texts and how expert digital marketers do it

Here are some keys to create selling texts to optimise your marketing strategy and with which you will achieve better results. These are the keys all digital marketers in Australia know about:

  1. A short and abstract title is a successful title

The title of your event or the name of your product are one of the decisive actions to succeed with your marketing strategy. For this reason, a beginner digital marketer in Australia’s mistake is usually to develop long descriptive titles, thinking that the more descriptive they are, the better they will work. This is a mistake.

The title of your email, your sales letter or the text of your landing page should be as short as possible. For excellent digital marketers in Australia, with 3 words it should be enough. An excellent title is not because it is descriptive but because it attracts attention. As simple as that.

The work of the title is – mainly – to generate in the prospect a curiosity to read the subtitle.

With the experience of qualified digital marketers who have done this many times.

A title for a flight attendant course could be “Hostess Course”, but we would not be getting excited, seduced or differentiated. On the other hand, if a hostess course sold it with a title that was “Your Destiny at 15,000 Feet”, it would be performing a unique and differentiating action.

  1. The subtitle should be explanatory and descriptive, and focus on the benefit

For this reason, it does not matter if the subtitle is extensive. We have already advanced that the job of the subtitle is to explain the title. It’s the job of digital marketers in Australia to complete this process properly in a subtle way.

On the other hand, the main benefit of what we are selling should be included in the subtitle. If it is, for example, the invitation to a free event, the subtitle will show the keys or secrets that the assistant wishes to obtain for attending the event.

In the head of every person who is going to buy a product or service, there is an unconscious need to obtain a profit from the acquisition. And this is something understood by all digital marketers in Australia. It is, therefore, essential to make clear to our prospect what he will achieve with what we are offering.

  1. Digital marketers in Australia cannot use toxic words

One thing is that we try to influence the emotional states of the prospect in order to ensure a sale, and another very different is to use forbidden words or that should be in any sales speech.

Words like “deal”, “difficult”, “frustration” or “problem” should not be part of the persuasion arsenal of excellent digital marketers in Australia.

  1. Digital marketers in Australia use engaging words

Just as toxic words should not be used, hook words have incredible effects when it comes to hooking our prospect. For example, the term “fast” used correctly can convey to the prospect the benefit that our product or service will be available to him or her in record time.

Other terms such as “important” or “security” also have incredible results and they have become favourite ones for digital marketers in Australia.

Finally, the use of “simple” when talking about payment methods is proven to transmit security to buyers who do not have a high level of digital skills.

  1. Digital marketers in Australia capitalise some words

It has been shown that we pay more attention to words that start with capital letters than others.

For this reason, we encourage digital marketers in Australia use words in your selling titles. It is true that from the orthographic point of view this action has its doubts, but at the marketing level your results will multiply.

  1. Neither phrases nor long paragraphs

In the digital age we read less and less, in fact it is shown that most people “scan”, so it seems that it makes little sense to spread so that no one can read us. Expert digital marketers in Australia understand this.

Sometimes, we have found that making sentences of 5 words maximum, have helped me to have better conversion in my email marketing actions. This technique is used by many digital marketers in Australia.

  1. Digital marketers in Australia forget about SPAM writing

You might think that writing texts abusing underline, bold or capital letters is going to bring you some benefit. On the contrary, remember that spam filters recognise texts with too many symbols and send them directly to the spam bin. The only way digital marketers in Australia can build loyalty among customers is by offering quality content.

On the other hand, perhaps underlining was used in a bright colour, etc. Now, these practices are 100% surpassed and a mixture of text and photography is recommended when composing email vendors.

If you want to include compelling content in your website then you should just consider hiring digital marketers in Australia, people passionate about writing excellent texts for your potential customers. Here at MLK Marketing we will define the most suitable strategy to ensure your goals are achieved and conversion rates skyrocket by driving more traffic to your website, traffic that is truly interested in the products and services you offer. Contact us today whenever you need digital marketers in Australia!

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