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How to Avoid SEO Pitfalls Every Time by Considering These 9 Points

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What makes a website successful? The website could have the best layout, the best web design, the best content and so on, but if no one sees it, what purpose does it serve? This brings us back to our question, and the answer is a website’s success is directly proportional to its ranking. This doesn’t merely mean coming through on the first page of a google search. It means not settling less than ranking the very first. One can get their website on top of the search results with Melbourne SEO specialist.

The Ranking Matters

Statistics show that websites ranked number one has an average click-through rate of thirty percent plus. Whereas at number two it comes down to anywhere in between twelve to ten percent. The third rank it can be as low as a paltry three percent. Google search trends show that the impressions coming from that of the first ranked position can by more than double of the second-ranked position.

The Importance Of SEO

This goes on to emphasise the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy which can be helped by Melbourne SEO specialist. With constant search engine developments and changing perspectives of the users, SEO methods need to be constantly evolving to keep up.

Things to Avoid for Good SEO

The most common SEO pitfalls that prove harmful must be avoided. Testing an optimisation approach is challenging as verification of the methods used is not practical in real time since each engine rules are hard to predict. In this article, we will discuss nine tips for a strong SEO strategy recommended by Melbourne SEO specialist.

#1 Good Research

The first and foremost tip for a strong SEO strategy by Melbourne SEO specialist is research. Focusing on the wrong keywords can mean generation of low-quality traffic. The keywords that are to be chosen must be ones that highly relevant with high exact match search volume locally. Other factors to be considered are relevancy and ranking difficulty.

If the keyword match is too broad, you will end up with a higher bounce rate and proportionally lower conversion rate when people skim through and don’t find the information of thing that they’re looking for. The higher the competition for that particular keyword, the harder the competition in terms of working your way up the rankings and staying there.

Keyword density

Another factor is blog content can raise your keyword density bringing into the picture everything you could not include in the website.

If multiple pages are competing for the rank with the same keyword, this merely confuses the search engine. This is called keyword cannibalization, and it weakens the ability to generate traffic for that keyword.

Play Around with Different Keywords

Another aspect of researching to stay on top is to stand out from your rivals is, which keywords are your main competitors for? If they have higher Domain Authority (DA) or page authority (PA) different keywords should be focused on to level the playing field.

Where your competitor sites are getting, they’re inbound links from must also be looked into and set up for your own website. Site architecture of competing websites is also a criterion to be considered. This research should plainly show what is needed to make your website a forerunner in the chase for rankings.

#2 Correct the Faults and Bugs

The second tip for stronger SEO strategy by Melbourne SEO specialist is the identification of current shortcomings website errors if any must be corrected.

A User-Friendly and Quick Website

The next biggest thing for immediate change is website speed. Lengthy loading time shoos away costumers. Statistics show that this is indeed the case, forty percent of the time website visitors leave the page in pursuit of a faster one.

#3 On Page SEO

The third tip for stronger SEO strategy by Melbourne SEO specialist is that of on-page optimisation. Just as off page optimisation, linking building is important, on page optimisation includes all the things to be done within the website.

One is keyword optimisation, which means placing the keywords in strategic positions such as the title, headers, paragraph, product description, image names, URL’s, etc.

Site Structure

Number two is site structure as this directly proportional to the website’s usability, rankings, and conversions. A flat architecture is always preferred as it requires the fewest links ad highest “link juice” passing from home page to respective page through the use of internal links.


Number three is usability which is of course very essential. The website must be easy to use, fun and helpful. Additions like a live chat widget win major plus points as well.

Mobile Compatibility

Number four is a mobile version of the website, as people increasingly depend on mobiles to satisfy all their needs, websites must be mobile user-friendly or create a mobile app of the same to keep up with the trends.


Number five is rich snippets, here snippets or a small taste of one can expect on the website is shown on the google search page such as images, ratings or video previews, causing people to be more likely to click.

#4 Test Everything

The fourth tip for a stronger SEO strategy by Melbourne SEO specialist is further testing. After the above-mentioned steps, it’s important to put an optimisation strategy in place.

#5 Blogs

The fifth tip for a stronger SEO strategy by Melbourne SEO specialist is the addition of blog content. This helps in the addition of keywords that could not be previously mentioned. But it is to be noted that keyword stuffing will only get you penalised by Google.

#6 Link Building

The sixth tip for a stronger SEO strategy by Melbourne SEO specialist is that of Link building. Addition of quality inbound links is just as important as quality content. If several low-quality sites are linking to you, referral traffic will not help business and only cause a penalisation by google.

#7 Social Media

The seventh tip for a stronger SEO by Melbourne SEO specialist is the use of powerful influencers for Social Media Interactions as optimisation has a social dimension as well. Grabbing the attention of users who have a significant online influence. If they mention your content, it guaranteed to be noticed by more of the target audience as well as by search engines. This is why there is importance in creating a relationship with such ‘power users’ and using their credibility to promote your content.

#8 Local Marketing

The eighth tip for a stronger SEO strategy by Melbourne SEO specialist is putting in all details if a local business. That is name, address, phone number, location-based keywords and submit the same to all local directories. The importance of this comes from the fact that Google blends local and organic search rankings.

#9 SEO Tools

The ninth tip for a stronger SEO strategy by Melbourne SEO specialist is the use of SEO tools. Some of these are SEOmoz Keyword tool, Open Site Explorer, Screaming Frog, Google AdWords Keyword Tool, etc.

The Shift To SEO

SEO is a rapidly changing space. Constantly changing new algorithms and Google frequently editing the webmaster guidelines. Business owners and marketers have to adapt quickly. The focus must be laid on solid content creation and copywriting fundamentals.

There are numerous reasons to optimise your site for search engines, but the bottom line is for ultimate success. If you’re looking for personalised advice or specific help on how to get those ranks in this competitive space, visit MLK marketing and sole all your SEO troubles with our Melbourne SEO specialist.

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