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Stop missing out on the fruitful opportunities that are right in front of your eyes. Chances are that if you are browsing our website, you are one of the thousand companies we have catapulted to success. With us, we will show you how to triple your sales and obtain an unlimited funnel of leads. Statistically 93.4% of your visitors come to your website, only to leave! Here at MLK Marketing we have extensive experience in assisting clients with online marketing and getting them exposed to the world. We do not stop until our clients reach 1st place on Google and hence why we have been labelled as the finest internet marketing company Australia.




– Reliability, efficiency and overall exceptional marketing techniques backed by research

– Phenomenal staff, web-designers, programmers and everything in between.

– Constant, perpetual 24/7 support for all our clients to ensure fluidity with services.

– New, contemporary and innovative solutions when it comes to digital marketing.

– Proud partners with Australia’s leading companies.

– A wealth of knowledge and experience with a combined 75 years of getting results.

– Transparent and loyal approach, as we guide you through all procedures.

– Impeccable internet marketing services Melbourne.


When Google talks, everyone in the digital realm listens! At MLK we acquire state of the art programmers and developers that have and can maintain the ability to adapt on the fly to all these rigorous and precipitated alterations thrown at them by the demands of the online dimension. Undoubtedly this change in the way people are consuming online information and viewing websites means that all companies should be aware of how to engage with the majority of clients. At MLK we can assist and get you back on track with your “income pipe” and triple your sales as we are the finest internet marketing company Australia.

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