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Imagine that a potential customer opens Google and googles something related to your website. The impact of SEO in Preston will completely change the results.

From the list of results obtained choose your website, click and enter. Once inside, take a quick look and in less than a second you will be out again. It has not made any movement, nor has it interacted with your page. Your bounce rate has been increased immediately. Why has this happened?

Mainly because of a bad user experience. All of these experiences can be improved with professional SEO in Preston. The reasons can be many:

  • The person has not found what he was looking for.
  • The user got lost in your website content.
  • They have become tired of waiting for it to load.
  • It has ended in a 404 error.

And it is no longer that you lose a potential client, but Google is attentive to all these issues and values it when positioning your website.

That is why in this article we will explain what exactly the user experience consists of and how you can improve it for the SEO positioning of your page. Bear in mind that effective SEO in Preston provided by MLK Marketing is the best option for you.

What is the user experience and why do you need it to be (very) positive?

The user experience or UX (User Experience) is the result of a sum of different factors that make the person who visits your website have a better or worse perception of the site.

That is to say:

The user experience is an indicator of the quality of the web and with specialised SEO in Preston and proper web design it is possible to do it.

Did any of these things happen to you when you have browsed a page that a priori seemed interesting to you?

  • The page takes a long time to load and you get tired.
  • It promises fabulous content and what you find is very poor. Make sure your content is optimised with our SEO in Preston.
  • You want to buy an item but you are not sure how the process is or it does not give you confidence.
  • All the information is packed. You don’t know very well where you have to click.
  • You have clicked on a link that takes you to a place that is not what you wanted.
  • All the time you are pushing pop-ups to see the content.
  • Surely all this sounds to you. Well, it is a summary of what you DO NOT want to happen on your website.

Because, like you, pop-ups are annoying or not finding what you are looking for, the same happens to your potential client. And as we said above, before any of these situations you are playing that the person leaves your website.

Where do we have to go? To make the experience on your website satisfactory, or what is the same, to:

  • Find what you are looking for.
  • Interact with the web with ease.
  • Browse intuitively.
  • Feel comfortable and safe.

Because all these are small points that add up when the customer values your business positively, which brings you closer to the purchase. And remember that you can add value to your website with professional SEO in Preston.

Working your user experience will help you in several ways

  1. You manage to increase your conversion rate

As we told you from the beginning, a good UX means having more options to close customers.

Let’s go back to the example of the principle:

  • A user does an organic search.
  • Of all the results obtained enter your website because it seems to respond to what you want.
  • The content does respond to what I was looking for.
  • Stay on the page and browse to go deeper.
  • Read your content or your product sheets.
  • See that your website is HTTPS so it knows it is safe.
  • Enter the checkout and the process is simple and fast.
  • Make the purchase.
  • Or enter the contact page and submit a form.

Why? Because it has been a positive experience (and at the same time, you also have more options to build loyalty). We help you improve your visitors’ experience consistently with our specialised SEO in Preston.

  1. Improve your web positioning

There are several factors that Google analyses to determine if a website is of quality and that are related to the user experience:

  • Time on page: it is an indicator of the interest that your website has aroused. If you think it is logical, the longer you are reading or viewing a post or a page, the more it means you like it, right? The same thing happens with the number of page views.
  • Bounce rate: the user enters and leaves without having performed any action (he has not entered any other page). This is another indicator for Google of whether your website likes users or not. Reduce the bounce rate to the lowest with our specialised SEO in Preston and our professional web design services.
  • User search intent: what did you want to find when you typed the keyword in the search engine? Has your website answered that search correctly? If you are not sure what this concept is.
  • Pogo sticking: the user does a search on Google, enters one of the results, but soon leaves and returns to the search engine. The pogo sticking is the time it takes the user to return to Google to do another search because the 1st did not answer as he should his question.

As you can see, SEO is no longer just about sowing your keyword page or relying on link building. For several years now, Google has updated its algorithm seeking to prioritise quality rather than unnatural links.

Therefore, here at MLK Marketing we are committed to optimising our clients’ SEO On Page perfectly and providing the best user experience, since it is the safest and most stable way to position well and win potential clients all this through our deluxe SEO in Preston.

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