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This is how SEO companies in Melbourne measure your content marketing strategy correctly

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Then join us in the following lines, where we will share the importance of measuring your content strategy. Why is the measurement of your marketing strategy important and why you should prefer SEO companies in Melbourne to do it?

In general, excellent SEO companies in Melbourne always measure what businesses do. MLK Marketing is the best choice among SEO companies in Melbourne because we have a team of dedicated content-creators with expertise in all the niches our fellow businesses manage. You can count on us if you want to boost results and increase your digital presence.

Planning like SEO companies in Melbourne

Every plan we design to achieve something must be reviewed and observed frequently, in order to realise if we are on the right path. The experience of SEO companies in Melbourne is necessary to achieve progress consistently.

In general, any of us participates in the execution of one or more processes. These processes comprise a series of tasks that must be performed to achieve the objective of that process. But how do we know if what we are doing is being done at the right time, with the right method, with the right resources? How do SEO companies in Melbourne know that we are getting closer to what we intend to achieve and also, in the best way? The answer is one, measuring the performance.

There are multiple disciplines of study aimed at learning from this. There are many defined methodologies and tools to guide us on how to measure what we do. It is attributed many times to the Father of Management, Peter Drucker, the famous phrase that says: What is not measured cannot be improved! And nothing can be more accurate. For that reason, measuring is part of everyday activities for any SEO companies in Melbourne.

And before Drucker, it is attributed to the physicist-mathematician William Thomson Kelvin (1824-1907), of British origin, another similar phrase, even though his authorship has not been proven; however, whoever it is, it fits what we are reviewing: “What is not defined cannot be measured. What is not measured cannot be improved. What is not improved, always degrades.”

Thus, it is clear to us the importance of measuring. Without reliable and timely measurements, correct decisions cannot be made. And it is an essential step for any SEO companies in Melbourne.

Ah! Therefore, the first step that we must raise awareness is the importance of measuring, then we must identify what to measure? How and when to measure it? It is what we know as indicators. And finally consolidate this information, analyse it and present it for decision making. Without this process, none of the SEO companies in Melbourne can work properly.

Easy? If we define a successful measurement strategy, it can definitely be easy. Otherwise, we will only have a vague idea.  Another important aspect: the data. They are the basis for calculating the indicators. A whole issue also to be rigorously specified. It is just a matter of knowing, understanding, defining and applying. For that reason, SEO companies in Melbourne keep measuring in high regard before creating any strategy.

What is a management indicator?

A key word appears before our eyes: Indicators. It is therefore the so-called Key Performance Indicators or Management Indicators, also known by its acronym KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). We understand the importance of these indicators, and our work as one of the leading SEO companies in Melbourne

These are metrics that help us identify the performance of a given action or strategy. These units of measurement indicate our level of performance, based on the objectives we have defined in our strategy as one of the deluxe SEO companies in Melbourne.

Management indicators must meet certain characteristics so that they really help us. The acronym in English of such characteristics make up the word SMART. And that is why it is said there, that the management indicators must comply with the SMART format.

Characteristics of a management indicator

  • Measurable: They are measured in units. Those that fit what you want to measure. You must express all progress in measures, that is something really important for SEO companies in Melbourne.
  • Realistic: They must be realistic. That is, they can be achieved according to the times and resources we have. They conform to the capabilities and characteristics of our project. Otherwise, we would be evaluating variables that are not significant and that makes SEO companies in Melbourne waste time.
  • Specific: You must clearly express what you want to achieve; in a concrete way. Whatever the indicators we define, remember that they must measure objective, that is, real, aspects that are demonstrable. The main idea when setting a representative and objective indicator is to obtain data that we can use to quantify the performance of some specific and important point within the strategy created by one of the main SEO companies in Melbourne.
  • Temporary: It is necessary to define a calendar for measuring the indicators. Specify its frequency: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Relevant: as SEO companies in Melbourne we must measure what value means to our strategy. It is necessary to specify the most significant measurements of our strategy. It is true that the more we measure; we will have the opportunity to make more accurate and better supported decisions. However, let’s find a balance.

How can you design a management indicator?

Once you have designed and conceptualised your Content Marketing strategy, you have to go on to design the management indicators that will allow you to take the pulse of your strategy, thus being able to better control its development and evolution. Our experts with many years of experience working at SEO companies in Melbourne understand indicators and work towards pushing businesses’ limits.

To do this you must evaluate according to the objectives of the strategy what should be measured. Identify what are the facts, the moments, in what should we measure something that is relevant.

When it comes to content strategies under traditional marketing, data collection to calculate indicators becomes more complex. There is greater difficulty in capturing objective data. That is something all SEO companies in Melbourne understand.

However, in Digital Marketing, the contribution of technology helps you significantly. You can capture the information in a more reliable and simple way. Or that is what our experts in SEO companies in Melbourne know.

Today there are many data analytics tools that we can use. This is important to keep in mind when defining our indicators. But when you select MLK Marketing among SEO companies in Melbourne you can have peace of mind knowing all measurement will be completed successfully.

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