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Strategy Showdown: The Pros and Cons of SEO and AdWords

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When you use a set of tools and methodologies in order to promote your products, goods, and services through the internet, it is called online marketing. Online marketing Melbourne is also often referred to as internet marketing. You are expected to communicate the value of your product on the internet.


The Best Way to Do Online Marketing Melbourne

With the help of online marketing Melbourne, you can use the internet to convey to your potential customers about your services. SEO and AdWords are two very commonly used online marketing strategies. Here’s a brief explanation of what each one of those words means.



SEO or search engine optimisation is used to direct optimum traffic towards your website. With over 130,000,000 registered websites, online marketing Melbourne becomes really crucial to enhance your brand. To sort through all of them most of us rely on search engines. With the help of proper SEO and online marketing Melbourne techniques, one can get on the right side of the search engines.


SEO is a practice used to increase the traffic that is coming to the website. This is done by improving rankings in the search engine results. 63% – 95% of people visit the websites that appear on the first page of their search results.



 AdWords is Google’s online advertising platform that can help you drive interesting people to your website. Google ads is a platform where advertisers select keywords so that the webpage can appear higher in search engine results. Since advertisers pay for these clicks, Google benefits by making money from them. This system is also known as PPC (PAY PER CLICK) advertising platform. It is definitely one of the best techniques for online marketing Melbourne.


Some Pros of SEO


Improved Traffic:

The websites that come on the top of any search engine search results are benefitted the most. People are more likely to click on the results that show up on their first page of web results.


Return on Investments (ROI)

One can easily track the conversion of traffic to a buyer and even calculate the ratio. With online marketing Melbourne, returns are what we expect the most.


 Affordable Technique

SEO is one technique that requires continuous investment. However, by using SEO techniques, one can get better results at affordable prices when compared to various other marketing techniques.


Enhanced Site usability:

One can try to make a site user-friendly and easy to navigate in the area of the search engine just by working with SEO. This makes it easier for users to navigate through your site and find information.


Awareness of your brand

Only when people see your company name, they will get to know about it. By getting your website on the top results, one can do wonders to their brand.


Some pros of AdWords


Incredible Reach

Google is the biggest search engine to exist. It would be ideal to have use AdWords because of the incredible reach that it would provide. Your ideal customer will have the opportunity to find your business, products, and services.


Product Research

When anyone needs to research a product or service, they Google it. AdWords allow you to be on the first page of the search results, SEO or not. This allows you to be seen by people searching for what your business has to offer.


Keyword Research

Competition for ad space can be daunting if you are not doing proper keyword research. But using the keyword planner and Google trends, you can find the best keywords for your business niche. This will help you weed out the keywords that cost too much, aren’t buying triggers or aren’t getting any real search traffic.



AdWords has one of the best ads targeting systems in online advertising. You can target who your ideal customers are by location, time of day and many other demographics. When you connect your AdWords account with your analytics account, you have all the data you need to find new customers segments.



When you connect your AdWords account to your analytics account, you are able to see what is driving customer conversions and what’s not. This way of online marketing Melbourne will help you make educated improvements to increase ROI for your business.


Some cons of SEO


Getting Notice More

SEO makes you extremely visible and relevant, which means your competitors will start to notice you as well. You will have to expect to be targeted more often especially by those people who will constantly try and sell you their services. This also increases spams.


Too Much Too Fast

It is important to know what you are getting into. You shouldn’t be in a place where you have achieved too much too fast. And hence come to a point where you can’t seem to take it anymore. If you can handle the volume of leads and sales, then opportunities are lost, and customers are let down. This is something you shouldn’t let your company go through. Getting the right online marketing Melbourne guidance will help you set limits.


Some cons of AdWords


Importance of Keywords

Your selection of keywords is key, and if you fail to do so, you will be wasting your money. Because Google will charge you for every person that clicks on your website even if they might be irrelevant.


Results aren’t forever

This strategy is sure to bring you results immediately, but at the same time, these results aren’t forever. You need to understand that people can outbid you. And to avoid them from doing so and keeping the traffic at the same speed, you will have to pay considerable amounts of money. And you will have to do so frequently as well.


Practically, to a certain extent, it is impossible. The problem with AdWords is that as soon as you quit the program, your traffic will disappear.


Which Online Marketing Company to Choose?

Now that you have it all broken down for you, the meanings of each term. The pros and the cons that come with them, you could weigh the odds. And after doing so make the right decision for your website. MLK Marketing will be the right online marketing Melbourne company that you need for your business.

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