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The Evolution of search engine optimisation in Australia

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As with almost everything in this life, search engine optimisation in Australia evolved, and the engine of that evolution was, as you may have guessed, Google.

Google’s algorithm grew, improved, increased its complexity, and thereby forced SEO professionals to also increase their knowledge of techniques, both recommended by the same company for websites, as experimental and innovative in the sector. Search engine optimisation in Australia has changed a lot.

Because SEO not only tries to carry out tasks that Google dictates for websites (good praxis), but also tries to innovate, experiment, and take the Google algorithm to the limit, looking for any loophole to sneak through.

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The Evolution of Pagerank

One of the highest values ​​of the Google company is Pagerank, which for them is like the popular, but secret, formula of coke. But unlike the coca-cola formula, which supposedly remains intact for a long time and has not changed at all, the Pagerank formula has undergone multiple changes. Fortunately, experts in search engine optimisation in Australia have learned how to adapt.

As we mentioned in the previous section, at the beginning, the Pagerank is based on cataloguing the websites according to the number of incoming links or Backlinks it received. But of course, this was easy to manipulate, and the Google guys realised. But luckily search engine optimisation in Australia also evolved.

To prevent this manipulation of the algorithms so accessible and shameless, Google modified the Pagerank so that it not only took into account the amount of external links that a website received, but also the quality of those links. For that reason, content needs to be assisted by experts in search engine optimisation in Australia.

That is, from that moment on, a Backlinks of a website with a high authority, than with a low one, had more value.

Over time, Pagerank has evolved in many ways:

The IP of the domain that links, the theme of the domain that links, the anchor text or anchor text of the domain that links, the age of the domain that links, the total number of external links of the domain that links, and countless other factors have adding to make the Pagerank formula more complex and less manipulable. An essential

But not only has Google’s algorithm around Pagerank improved. Areas such as web traffic, UX (user experience), WPO and many others have become a very important part of this algorithm, and therefore search engine optimisation in Australia

Google Algorithm Evolution

Gradually, Google was including factors that helped prevent easy manipulation of the algorithm. It must be said that the exposure of these evolutionary changes in the Google algorithm are not shown chronologically. Search engine optimisation in Australia requires t0 adapt to this evolution.


One of these main aspects was the AI ​​or information architecture. The need for websites to be more and more complex and will gather a greater volume of information, made Google focus on rewarding the best organised sites with such information, this is essential for proper search engine optimisation in Australia.

This had a fairly clear purpose: to give visibility to websites that were easier to use and understand by users. Therefore, sites that were better organised and had a well-structured information architecture began to gain positions.

Global Traffic

Global traffic also played an important role in changing the algorithm. A website with a high volume of traffic was beginning to have more chances of being better positioned on Google than another with a lower volume of traffic. You can increase traffic with our search engine optimisation in Australia.


The CTR or Click Through Rate is the total number of clicks a link receives compared to the total number of impressions (the times it is displayed on the search result pages).

Google understood that the higher the click number of a domain compared to impressions, the more useful this website would have for the browser according to others and according to the search term used by the user. With excellent search engine optimisation in Australia the ctr will increase.

Link Building

Link building, or translated, internal link plot, is the ability of a website to distribute “authority” between its URLs through internal links. Google understood that the relevance that the developer or company of the web gives each of the URLs of the web is also very important and it is an essential part of any process related to search engine optimisation in Australia.

In other words, Google understood that if we link internally a greater number of times to a URL than to another internally, the first one will have to be more relevant. Link building works the same as Link Building, that is, there is an equation to describe the value or authority of each of the URLs of a website through its internal links.

These are the factors that have evolved over the years in the sector of search engine optimisation in Australia. Of course, they are not all, but the most important.

Keyword Research

Although professionally and personally, we take it to another level, conducting an organic market study, keyword research is one of the main techniques for optimal search engine optimisation in Australia.

And it is not only one of the most important, but it is also in the first stage of any project in search engine optimisation in Australia.

This technique consists in combing the organic market in search of the appropriate search terms for the business model and its monthly search volume. On the other hand, it is necessary to detect the difficulty of positioning each group of keywords and order all these data properly to subsequently implement these search terms on the web through the generation of URLs and content. With the assistance of a team of experts in search engine optimisation in Australia you can achieve your goals in record time.

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