What are the implications for web design Essendon regarding human expectations of technology?

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Each digital marketing plan must determine how to adapt them to their specific conditions. But it is necessary to realise that these expectations have to do with the functionality of technology as a service. So, aesthetics should be aimed at providing the best possible service.

In this sense, we can say that web design should use the greatest amount of interaction components that are more familiar to customers. MLK Marketing provides specialised web design in Essendon to help you achieve you goals regarding web development.

Human behaviour when consuming information

This is the second aspect that influences customer satisfaction with a web design. So, you have to always keep in mind the first principle of usability: customers on the Internet are always in an attitude of information search and with professional web design in Essendon you can make this process way easier for everyone.

In this sense, for web design to connect better with its customers, it must have a service orientation that satisfies the following behaviours.

Clients are distrustful and incredulous for the following reasons, among others:

  • The browsing experience on a website is negative if it does not offer us interaction standards.
  • Too often we get outdated and / or incomplete information, especially in the case of products or services.
  • The negative experiences of attention and service are greater than the positive ones.
  • We must constantly face the excesses of invasive advertising and its negative consequences.

We are hunters of information to make decisions

We are always hunting for information, because that is the key function to be able to obtain a certain service, to navigate (move forward or backward) or to be able to “buy” something. With professional web design in Essendon you can escalate this

In essence, interacting on the Internet and consuming information is a continuous process of decisions. So, the best web design is the one that aesthetically facilitates making the best and fastest decisions.

As hunters, we decide to “sniff”.

In front of the information we interact as if we were behind trails and tracks, which in turn lead us to more content that is interesting to us. This explains why the first thing we see and “sniff” are the titles. If these are interesting to us, then we start scanning the first words of the first paragraph. That is something we always consider when offering specialised web design in Essendon.

The same happens with the subtitles in a text or the legends in the photographs. They are like small crumbs that determine if we continue reading or not.

There are also visual traces that reveal quality and depth of information. For example, we rely more on videos that have YouTube parameters than those on other video formats on the Internet, because we already know that those videos are the fastest to watch.

We seek the greatest benefit with the least effort

This is the other fundamental human behaviour when consuming information: we always want to get the most benefit with the least effort. It is a biological condition present in all living beings, oriented to the optimal use of energy.

This condition is the one that largely explains why on a web page we always want to:

  • Quickly locate in which section of the content we are;
  • See and look for signs of what we are looking for.
  • See the largest amount of information in the smallest space, but properly classified and ranked.

For web design, what are the repercussions of human behaviour when we consume information and why are they so important for professional web design in Essendon?

Knowing in advance what people who interact with your design are waiting instinctively gives you the advantage of preparing yourself based on offering positive and satisfactory solutions at the first impression. That’s why we always do a previous research in order to determine the best decisions path for web design in Essendon.

So, with these service criteria, you can manage the aesthetics of the design with a more objective sense.

The specific objectives of the clients

This is what we mentioned above, as the third aspect that influences Internet users’ satisfaction with web design. It refers to the specific objectives of each customer segment by interacting with the information at a given time. That is, your attitude varies depending on your goals.

For example, if they are performing Home Banking functions, customers are more careful with reading than if they are only viewing images on Instagram.

Also, if you use the website of a pizzeria near your home, you will be more relaxed regarding the reliability and risks of the service than if you want to buy a product that ships from another country.

Each company has the challenge of identifying the true objective of customers when they use their website. This will help you better determine which is the most appropriate web design to provide a competitive service.

Is your web design product or customer oriented?

To better illustrate this point you have to picture this: who sells more drills: the seller who speaks better of the drills or the seller who deals with a better understanding of the specific gap that each client needs to open?

The most successful sellers know very well that the correct answer is the second option. However, on the Internet it is much easier to find websites oriented to talk about the drill than the customer gaps. You can easily check it not only in the approach of the messages and the treatment of the photographs, but also in the information structure of the website.

In practical terms, in a product-oriented design customers usually have to click more than necessary to reach what they are looking for, they must wait too long to see photos or videos that do not add value, or get lost in navigation due to lack of standard graphic elements.

If you want to optimise your approach through digital platform and provide your customers with a superior experience, visit MLK Marketing, the leading providers of web design in Essendon. Contact us now if you want to know more.

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