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Why Your Business Needs SEO

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SEO Optimisation

Most of us like to get recognised for things that we are good at. Why Should your business be any different?

So you have finally taken your business idea from paper to reality. You have spent countless hours planning your business goals, setting up a network of contacts for your business to thrive and creating a website that perfectly aligns with your vision. So, what next? You see, the thing about setting up a business is that there a numerous components that must be satisfied in order to get the gears working. However, what most business owners overlook is the fact that in order for the gears to turn, you need to oil the machine first. Puzzled by my analogy? Let me explain.

The ultimate aim of any business is subjective to the owner, but the main aim that encompasses all businesses is to generate constantly increasing sales and, in turn, revenue. These aims are your gears. The method in which you apply to achieve those aims and goals of increasing sales and revenue is where the oil comes in. And lots of it. After some digging to find the oil, you may not have had much luck in getting your business out there for potential customer to see. That is because there is a large chance that as a business owner, an effective way to raise brand awareness and promote your business to your target market has not yet been established. This is where we come in; MLK Marketing. Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, can be a super effective method that can significantly drive traffic to your website and raise the volume of sales and revenue in a relatively short amount of time.

So really, SEO can be thought as a series of processes that act as the cement that brings all the bricks together to get your business booming in the spotlight. As a business owner myself, I have a large network of contacts that are also business owners who offer a broad range of products and services both nationally and internationally. Although some are doing very well and continually reaching and exceeding their set business goals, many have not even considered the option of SEO for their business. I want to share a story I know of to bring an example of how important and beneficial SEO services can be for you.

One of my close friends recently launched a great looking website. It was a very visually appealing showcase for his business (which is based on importing and exporting goods). He had ticked all the boxes of what constituted a very good website and had let the people around him know that it was all finally completed. He was all ready and set to go. But the enquiries simply were not coming in, or as much as what he would have liked. The amount of time, energy and money he had spent on creating his business and website was definitely not paying off for him. You know why? He was missing that all important oil to get the gears turning (understand me now?) He was confused and came to me to ask why this was the case. I simply told him that he had missed one of the biggest opportunities and was cutting himself short when it came to effectively promoting business on search engines.

He was missing out on the very fundamentals of business, and that is to get the customer and close a profitable sale. It was time to get his business catapulted onto the front page of prominent search engines including Google, and into the spotlight where most of his prospective customers would be able to see what exactly his business has to offer. These days, it is highly common for people to search for products and services that they are in need of by simply thinking “I should Google it!” So what is in it for you? Each time a prospective client jumps on their computer to search for a product or service, MLK Marketing SEO services make sure you are on the first page of Google to get maximum exposure and show customers why they should choose your business.

Some (or most) of you may already be familiar with the way SEO works, but I will give you the ultra simple version. Have you ever considered why the number one business listed on Google’s front page is the number one business listed on Google’s front page? Why the other businesses are on the back pages where no one can see them unless they engage in hours of searching? It all comes down to how your business is indexed by Google. Google uses very precise and strict algorithms that helps it to sift the “good businesses” from the “bad businesses”. That is, the ones who follow the rules and are looked upon as favourable by the search engines as opposed to the ones that are not.

Each time a potential customer searches for a product or service that is relevant to your business as a keyword they type into the search bar, the role of SEO is to get your business listed on the forefront of google. This is where technology subsides with human psychology. If you’re on the top 10 ranking list, a significant volume of potential clients will automatically think you are also at the top of your industry, making you the first round pick for their needs. This is where the gears and oil really start to bring in the results. Think about it. Being on the first page of Google is like being the first in line (ultimately following the concept of first in, best dressed), the winner of the race, the business that outshines competitors effortlessly.

The great thing about the SEO services provided by MLK Marketing is that they ensure you get both short and long term results, making SEO a great investment for anyone who is serious about growing their business and making a significant impact. After advising my close friend about SEO and why he needs to get a plan in place, he saw instant results with MLK Marketing’s SEO services. Higher number enquiries, conversion, profit, and all the other good things that effective promotion through MLK Marketing’s SEO services can consistently deliver. Start building your stronger and larger clientele base today and convert leads into sales and revenue by expanding your business’ reach to a wider proportion of your target market with SEO packages from MLK Marketing today.

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