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Your SEO Is Hurting You! Four Common Traps To Look Out For

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Opening a new business and taking it to greater heights is what this market is all about. As the trend is changing and people are moving to online marketing for their brand, there is a lot to be taken into consideration. However, having a good SEO consultant in Melbourne will help your business greatly.

The Shift To SEO

Search engine optimisation is one of the most used technique to enhance your brand name and reach on the internet. There are just an endless number of ways in which one can take their business to the next level. But, to do that you should have a good SEO consultant in Melbourne. Either way, here are a few things that you should for a good SEO campaign. These things might be hurting your brand in ways you didn’t expect.

#1 A Below Par Website

One of the initial impressions that a brand lays on its consumers is through the website. People visit your website and through the information provided there, the get to know about what the company is about. Now, if you are website is not up to the mark, the customer will just leave the webpage in most cases.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind to ace your website design and have the best conversion rate.

  • The Load Speed

This is the first thing that everyone will notice. A quick lighten fast load speed of your website will not be noticed so much. However, a website which takes ages to load will frustrate the client majorly.


  • The Design

When we talk about website design, every image should be in place with proper ration, and the links should be working, etc. If any of the features on the website is broken or not in the proper ratio, people tend to move to different websites.


  • Navigation

The visitors should have a really easy navigation route. Wherever they want to go on the web page, they should be able to do so without facing any difficulties.

There are many more things that can go wrong on a website. To ensure that you have a good conversion rate of visitors to buyers, get the best web development. Having a proper web development will help your SEO consultant in Melbourne to take your brand to a larger crowd.

#2 The Website Content and Blogs

The content on your website is one of the most important parts of your identity online. People get the information about your company and team through the content that is on the pages. If your website has content which is free of all the mistakes and SEO friendly, it will do you wonders. Your SEO consultant in Melbourne can give you a few tips to ace the SEO content.

Web Content

When we talk about web content, multiple things can go wrong and should be avoided.

  • Ensure that there are no grammatical mistakes anywhere in the web content. Good web content is always appreciated both by readers as well as search engines.
  • Your website content should be easy to understand. The readability score matters a lot, and even a layman should be able to understand the content.
  • Another factor helping the readability of the content is the structure of the content. If the content is in a single blog, it will be messy and difficult to read. Therefore, divide the content properly into multiple parts and structure the content smartly.

People like when the content is easy to understand, and there is no mistake whatsoever.


Your website blogs play a major factor in your online identity. You should always take advice from SEO consultant in Melbourne to ensure that your campaign is going in the right direction.

The blogs that one publishes on the website should not have any grammatical mistakes. It should be well structured and easy to read. More importantly, the content should be unique. Ask your SEO consultant in Melbourne to curate a list of brand keywords that can be used in the content to make it SEO friendly.

The reason why blogs play a crucial role is that people can leave comments on the blogs. This is one of the main factors that is taken into consideration by the search engines.

Clear all your doubts with your SEO consultant in Melbourne and ensure your brand reaches new heights.

#3 Proper Security

Search engines give major benefits to websites that are safe and secure. After all, the security of the visitors has to be the top-most priority. Ask your SEO consultants in Melbourne to get all the necessary security from your website that is needed. You will need an SSL certificate to ensure the safety and depending on your business, and you might need more layers of security.

Visitors always prefer when they do not get any popup message regarding their information being unsafe on the site. Therefore, to get the extra level of trust in your consumers, make sure your website is certified at all times.

#4 Poor External Linking

Another major factor that forms your brand image is the way your company is portrayed outside. External linking and external blogs affect the image of your brand drastically. A poor-quality content there or poor linking can lead to bad marketing. You should take advice from your SEO consultant in Melbourne to make sure the marketing that is being done outside of your website is done properly.

MLK Marketing to Help You Avoid All These Traps

You need a good SEO consultant in Melbourne to stay away from these traps. MLK Marketing provides proper white hat SEO techniques for ensuring your business reaches newer and greater heights. An online marketing agency that you can trust is always a benefit. After all, they are the people who are going to lay the foundation of your brand on the internet. Along with SEO, MLK Marketing provides a lot of services to help you with your business. Get a free quote today!

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